The Seedr For speed

Have you ever found your Torrents a bit sluggish, slow to download? Well, have I got a web app for you and its name is Seedr.

Seedr is a cloud torrenting platform that enables you to store your torrents in a sort of granary where when you need it, You will download it at crazy fast speeds.

It is free and will always remain the just have to visit the site and just create an account. You are provided with 2GB of storage for a free account when you sign up and it can be increased by some simple tasks given on the website such as writing a blog You can also buy premium membership which comes in many varieties.

It is a gift for those students who cannot download a bit torrent client due to admin rights but want to download a torrent. Once added, either you can download the video or you can stream it online also.
Seedr is a next-generation app aiming to bring the torrent experience to the next level.

I know you are tired of clogging your computer or your phone with all the torrent videos you are downloading. Seedr is the cloud application for you. You just copy the magnet link from the torrent and paste it into Seedr. After it has loaded completely into your cloud storage, just copy its download link and use it to stream the video in any of your media players. This absolutely helps even if the torrent does not have seeds as Seedr has very fast downloading speeds.

If you’ve ever tried using torrents on either tablet or phone, you’d quickly find out how impractical that is. Seedr is the solution – with special mobile-friendly protocols we created a snappy, fast mobile site that has all the functions you get on your PC – including streaming, subtitles, and high-speed direct download.



Easier to operate than uTorrent (by a long way), Seedr’s beauty lies in its simplicity. It’s hard to imagine anyone other than complete novices needing to revert to the site’s tutorial. However, those that do won’t be disappointed as it reveals ways to integrate the service into Kodi/XBMC. 

Free tier aside (which is a steal) it’s not cheap at $9.95 per month (two months free on annual rates) so the service might benefit from having a more limited lower-tier premium package around the $6 to $7 mark. Those who obsess over the minutiae of their torrenting might prefer a full-blown seedbox experience, but Seedr knows its target audience and appears to serve them well.

Seedr can be tested here for free.

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